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Drake's Bio

Where it all started:

Hi everyone! My name is Drake Hensiak. I have been interested in photography since age seven when I was given a point-and-click style Sony camera. As I got older, my dad recognized my love for photography and got me a Kodak EasyShare so I could learn to shoot in manual mode. Then, at age eleven, I got my first interchangeable lens DSLR camera, a Canon Rebel T5. I have been a Canon shooter ever since.

I spent years learning photography while watching my dad on countless newspaper assignments. In this time, I learned a greater appreciation for photography and wanted to follow in my dad’s footsteps. My dad always told me if I wanted to work with him, I had to learn to pull my own weight. So, I worked hard, honed my skills, and earned money to invest in professional-grade equipment. As time went on, I began learning the art of videography as well. Then, in 2020, at age 14, I was officially hired as a videographer and photographer for CAH Promotions LLC. I am very proud to say I work with my dad and I truly enjoy what I do!

"There is no try, only do."


My current areas of study include photography, journalism, and filmmaking. I was also on the yearbook committees in eighth grade and freshman year of high school.


  • I have photos published in local newspapers

  • I am a member of the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA)

  • I won my high school’s Art and Design Award for my photography

  • I have photographed and made highlight videos for weddings all by myself

  • I have taken photographs of and made videos for many national and local bands

Personal Work:

I am always exploring new styles and learning new tricks. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook to see some of my current personal work.

Current Goals:

  • Finish high school early with the best grades I can earn

  • Save money for college

  • Attend Gateway Technical College to earn an AAS in communications

  • Earn a BAS in videography or film making


  • To take wildlife photos and create animal documentaries for National Geographic.

One quirky fact about me:

​I find photos taken with a fisheye lens to be oddly satisfying.

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